The Paint Room Studio is open…

Throughout my retirement years and art education I have maintained studio space which I have named “The Paint Room Studio” 1* [TPRS] and created an atmosphere of openness and inclusivity. There have been TPRS’ starting in my hometown, St. Louis Missouri, on to Peoria Illinois (where I first entered higher education as a non tradition student {old guy}). From there I continued this studio practice into Milwaukee Wisconsin while completing my BFA at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and through to my post graduation destination of North-Central Illinois (from where this website is produced and published).

Urban Dictionary Screenshot

Expect Exhibit and new Artwork announcements, as well as art news, regional art news, and North-Central Illinois art news. Additionally I will publish some oil painting tips and tricks. If you have something to let me know, please use the contact form on this site, or the comment section in most posts. [all comments are put through spam/hate/legality filters before a decision is made to publish them]

  1. [*] The chosen title for the studio was suggested by my long-time partner, whose ultimately pragmatic observations often surprise me. He told me to find the phrase in the Urban Dictionary and see if it didn’t accurately describe the environment I had created.

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