Artist Statement

Very much like DaVinci, I oil paint because I love the way glazing produces smooth transitions of shadow, and much like stacking stained glass, I bring to your eyes colors not achievable through the simple mixing of pigments. Subjectively, I capture and reflect candid moments of human moods, emotions, and relationships with the world, where the subjects coalesce out of dominating shadows or brightness. My works elicit the perception of sensuality from both the object and it’s aesthetic composition. My orchestration of design and material produces objects of beauty and quality.

   I paint because I’m a lousy singer, yet I have a desire to joyfully express myself. At age 10 I began my artist life by painting still life and landscapes- in particular, trees. In the 1990’s, I transitioned into figurative work as I observed human similarities in trees, particularly at the intersections of branches, which mimicked the joining of arms or legs to torso, or fingers to hands. Concurrently, I began studying Dali’s oil painting techniques and found an affinity with the visual vocabulary of surrealism. I periodically return to landscapes and still life, but primary create figurative work immersed in surreal imagery. My visual vocabulary has grown such, that everything I create, like a tableau vivant, is a living picture, full of story, symbolism, and meaning (both overt and covert).

  I paint most everyday, or research exhibition opportunities, participating in 15 shows (on average) per year, and occasionally earn an award. Lately, I have been cataloging and publishing (online) my body of work from 56+ years of creating art. I am so very fortunate to have been able to continue making art these many years, although at times, the survival efforts of life nearly extinguished that flame.